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Welcome to NAVI-GATOR
NAVI-GATOR is MOL's one-stop eCommerce solution to provide quality services and conduct business with its customers and trading partners over the Internet.

Apart from News Bulletins, Contract & Policy Statements, Service Profiles and various other information, NAVI-GATOR provides a significant amount of dynamic content and transaction processing services. From the interface, you can check out the best suitable vessel/voyage connection for shipment as well as report an incident in case of any damage or loss to the cargo shipped.

Access customised information and services such as cargo booking, shipping instruction entry, booking/bill of lading/container tracking, and detailed tracking reports online or via email.

Catering to the needs of MOL's several world-wide customers, vendors and trading partners, NAVI-GATOR is secured and customisable to all your requirements. As an important customer, we are looking forward to letting NAVI-GATOR guide you with its many convenient features.
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