06 December, 2012

RE: Transpacific Rotation Changes

Dear MOL Customer:
Please note that the port rotations for our PS1, PS2, and SAX Transpacific services are changing in mid-December as follows:
PS1: Pendulum Withdrawal
Commencement:        APL Canada 204E from Chiwan (ETA: December 13)
Port Rotation:
(old)     Singapore-Yantian-Hong Kong-Xiamen-Busan-Seattle-Vancouver-Yokohama-Hong Kong
(new)    Chiwan-Yantian-Hong Kong- Xiamen-Busan-Seattle-Vancouver-Yokohama-Kaohsiung-Chiwan
PS2: Add/Drop Calling
Commencement:        APL London 031E from Kaohsiung (ETA: December 19)
Port Rotation:
(old)     Chiwan-Hong Kong-Yantian-Kaohsiung-Oakland-Los Angeles-Yokohama-Kaohsiung-Chiwan
(new)    Chiwan-Hong Kong-Xiamen-Shanghai-Oakland-Los Angeles-Yokohama-Kaohsiung-Chiwan
SAX: Add/Drop Calling
Commencement:        APL Zeebrugge 016E from Singapore (ETA: December 17)
Port Rotation:
(old)     Singapore-Yantian-Chiwan-Xiamen-Los Angeles-Kaohsiung-Chiwan-Singapore
(new)    Singapore-Yantian-Chiwan-Kaohsiung-Los Angeles-Busan-Kaohsiung-Chiwan-Singapore
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your MOL sales representative. As always, we appreciate your business.

MOL (America) Inc.

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